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Created as Unique, Truly as Divine

Life is so blessed by having wonderful creation of a king! I’m inspired.

Wanna Know little about me? I guess this is the part I’d tell you…

To the one one who created all things in this world, I’m Thankful! I’m  Truly unique daughter of a king, of him! We are all created unique the way we are! Do you believed on that? Well you gotta say Yes! Because truly we are! We have too many divine potentials that God has given. We have that deep potentials to grow in this life. I love my savior Jesus Christ with my whole heart. Deep in my heart I’m thankful that I’m here belong to his wonderful creation.

I love to read wonderful books and inspiring words of wisdom coming from Inspired person I encountered. My note and pen is my favorite things I always wanted to bring! I  have and I love journals! Seriously, this is my addiction to write every thing precious happened in my life, I started journaling since I was in High school. I write my learnings, my goals such as…  graduating from college, Having my own family… and also making someone happy that’s really one of my ultimate goal! I was so amazed when I look back at my journals It so wonderful at how far God has brought me.

I love to write things comes up with my mind. I Love to hear inspiring and motivational stories coming from others. Sometimes through the experience of others, we will also grow and learned by their own stories. Hearing somebodies stories,  It’s like a beautiful music in my ears and that’s really made my day! Speaking of music, I do really love music too! It feels like my life is less without it. Music for me is like a therapy. Music can bright life and light it has a bigger and deeper meaning to me. It can also calm and feed my soul with its hidden inspirational strength…

I have a lots friends who bring so much joy to my life. They are precious gifts I’ve received coming from the lord. I love collecting memories with them and after a years, I want to remember those things and somehow,  I’ll share it to them! Wanna know why I’m here? spending time writing such this stuff? Not in my plan to make this blog. Actually, I don’t really know what I’m exactly going to do about it.  I’m just only thinking on how I share my thoughts. I’m starting this because of curiosity. Just to express my writings, I started to make it without knowing on how to make this blog right away! finally, I did it! Just a self learning, I started already to let you all in my life a bit deeper. Once in my life, I dreamed to become a writer… but I don’t know when and where and how but suddenly, This time I think,  this is my chance! Never saw myself as the blogger type, but I’ve always enjoyed writing. I find myself feeling whole every time I write little things.  I’m not to good in writing But one thing is for sure, I just want to express and tell the world how thankful I am, How grateful I am because I exist in this life. Somehow sometimes, there’s somebody out there will got to inspired with this little thoughts of mine not to solve all their burdens, not to solve all the pain they were feeling, not to solve all worries they were hidden,  but hopefully will  inspired them just a little bit.

I just want to take this opportunity to express my words… I will share what thoughts running to my head, the feeling I feel in my heart….I want to share what I’ve learned about God,  I will share about my life’s journey thus far. what I’ve learned about myself, what I’ve learned about life and to the life of others.. I won’t be the only one sharing though, I know There’s a lot of amazing and wonderful writer out there who had that great talent when it comes in writing  such as motivational and inspiring writings but one thing is I know,  this will be a place where I can get to know others through their own stories and hopefully grow with their uniqueness and divinity.


With lots of Love,