Finally, It’s my Blog’s Birth date Today! Its been a while since I got to start my First ever writing in THIS BLOG!;) I can’t imagine that days have passed by easily. The first time I decided to make a blog and write something, I didn’t know what I’m going to do because I have no Idea of what exactly need to write and no one had teach me how to do it right away. It’s actually, I learned it by my own self and I am not really sure what I am going to write at first! I’ve got read some blogs of others and I’m impress and inspired the way they write. Until I have that courage to try one! There’s a question in the corner of my mind that push me to write.. and it was… How am I share my thoughts my feelings to inspired others in such a good way? If this is through writing, What words would I first say? I am eager to write something that probably I think would give encouragement in life through others who would read it. I told to myself before that I do really love writing and One day I would make one! on my way I will make a blog! like what others do but the struggle is that, I don’t even know how to do it. But still the passion is still remain.

Until one day, I have the opportunity to write something without any Idea what I wanted to write…. I remember it was my poem, “The Beauty I’ve never been see” It was my first poem that I wrote and I feel inspired while I make that poem.;) I can actually say that my passion is through writing!;) I’m so much grateful that I have this talent and I wanted to develop it more. I have learned something in this experience, When you have a big big heart and a passion for something, You can really do it! You just have to try and discover yourself and your own strength. This would help a lot.;) When you already knew where the path you wanted to take or the talents you wanted to develop, All things will follow smoothly. You just have to be open to the possibilities that you can grow even more. Never ever stop learning! This would help you to become a better version of yourself.

I hope through writing, I inspired others to make their own stories and writings. Hopefully, this may help even in a little ways. It would made me feel happy from knowing that I made someone happy or even inspired by my writings. ( Even if I am not really good about it, but still I’m trying to be,( Real Talks).  I’m so much grateful that I’ve been part of this wonderful world of writing! It is such an honor and privilege to write something. I want to give and express my warmest thanks to those people, bloggers who have followed my blog writings. I’m still counting! I hope you guys will continue to visit not just visit but hopefully you’ll read it.;)

A boxes of Smile and A boxes of hug&Kisses
With Thousand and Millions of Love;)