Every time I call, I kneel in prayer
The moment I cried, you listen behind
In pain and in tears You always there
You shower me your unending care

Your eternal promises I shall forever Keep
Your love is my constant shield
Whatever storms I face You stand by me
I didn’t see but yet truly I Believe

There’s no one like you who cares beyond measure
In every sacrifices you’ve made
Makes my heart truly weep
I cannot measure the love you’ve give

I’m searching to the missing piece of me
This night I find that it is in thee
I found the peace that my soul is searching
I stand and testify of your love I’ve been bearing

This time I offer my heart and soul
Now I understand I need to follow
Use me as an instrument of yours
To fulfill your eternal plan for all

Father in heaven I’m excited to meet you
I would like to prove after
Worthy to stand before you
Then I would proudly say,  I did It My Father

This mission of mine, calling of the best
Help me pass through this test
After this life, I’ll return with honor there
In my way home above I’ll rest

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